Satisfied with work done (c) Istockphoto

I still work my normal job while I travel the world.

In the long run I am looking to try out the  digital nomad lifestyle and follow my passion from all parts of the world. At the moment my home base is on Mallorca.

For work I am running an international market research call centre in Spain where we call different people all over the world to gather their views and opinions about various topics. This international working environment keeps me in contact with people from different countries all the time, even without travelling anywhere. It is like a small version of the world located conveniently in my office.

In addition I am part of a market research company that runs one of the largest and continuous travel satisfaction surveys in the world, so I read a lot about people’s experiences on their trips as well as tips on what to do and what to avoid. This helps me to make my travels even more convenient.

I got the travel bug some years ago when I was working at an airport in Germany where we interviewed transit passengers about where they came from, where they are heading to and why they selected exactly this airport and airline for their transit. All those different people and their travel stories made me wish to see the whole world in all its beauty.

So the first step was to move to another country (Spain) to lose the sight of the shore and to prepare for a life of travel that still gives me the “safety” of a regular job and income and a place to regularly return to.

From my home base on the small island of Mallorca in the mediterranean sea I now frequently reach out to places far away, always curious what I will experience next time.


(Photo licensed from istockphoto / gettyimages)