A visit to Ausschwitz-Birkenau

Because this place seems to intrigue me for quite a while, I put it on the bucket list, and, after several unsuccessful attempts that are a story for another time, I finally made it this year. I don’t want to get too much into the details of what happened there…

10 goals and changes for 2018

Does it need the change of the year to make a change in life? I don’t think so. But any day is a good day to make a change, so I made this list of 10 goals and changes to make in my life in 2018.

Flying to the north pole

On my list to visit all countries of the world, I found that an important spot was missing, but that spot is not actually a country: The North Pole. As there is no land mass at the pole (sometimes it is ice, sometimes just water), travelling there usually involves a…

Back in time – A visit to the chornobyl exclusion zone

For many years I was thinking about visiting the site of the chornobyl accident of 1986. For some reason, this place attracts me in a strange way and I am not sure why. So I did my research and got myself a tour guide for one day who showed me…

Monte Carlo Casino (c) Istockphoto

Monaco – Place of luxury

Yet another gambling trip was the first thing I thought when I planned to tick off my bucket list entry “Gambling in Monaco” So I booked a flight to Nice, France and first thought about booking a helicopter trip to Monaco, but later changed my mind because of the inconvenient…

Me in front of the "Eiffel" Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Gambling in Vegas

During my trip to the USA in June 2016 I took the chance to strike off my bucket list item “Gamble in Vegas”. So I made my flight end in Las Vegas (although my final destination was Los Angeles), booked a motel for two nights and was ready to go….

Me at the Little AleInn Bar in Rachel, Nevada USA

USA – A trip to Area 51

One item on my bucket list was to visit Area 51, Nevada. Well, with visiting I mean getting legally as close to it as possible, before I would be shot by armed guards. So on 22. June 2016 I took my rental car from Las Vegas (where I completed my…