Bucket List

Bucket List Charm And Letters (c) Istockphoto

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before it’s your time to kick the bucket.

This is my current bucket list. Maybe it will inspire you to start your own.

  1. Cross off all items on this list
  2. Speak Spanish fluently
  3. Visit Area 51  Done on 22. June 2016.
  4. Visit all countries in the world
  5. See Antarctica
  6. See the pyramids of Egypt
  7. Get my pilots licence
  8. Visit Chornobyl nuclear power plant  Done Oct. 2016
  9. Plant a tree
  10. Gamble in Vegas Done on 19. June 2016
  11. Travel first class on my own money
  12. Lose weight and keep it below 90 kilos
  13. Fly in a helicopter
  14. Visit the birth places of my parents
  15. Have my own youtube channel Done June 2017
  16. Swim in the seaFebruary 2021 went diving in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  17. Jump off a cliff
  18. Learn to play “river flows in you” on the piano
  19. Ride on the trans sibirian railway Done December 2019 to January 2020
  20. See the northern lights Done 17.03.2018 from a plane
  21. Visit the DMZ between North Korea and South Korea
  22. Register as a bone marrow donor Done June 2019
  23. Make one photo a day for a whole year and publish it online Started on 25. November 2015 and finished on 25 November 2016
  24. Take a tour of the white house
  25. Buy a map and pin all the plaes I have been Done on 26. October 2015
  26. Catch a last minute flight to a random destination Done 26. September 2020 when flying to Mexico City instead of Lisbon because of Covid19 restrictions.
  27. Go to Venice Done 20.10.2018
  28. Climb the Eiffel Tower Done 11.10.2018 during trip to Paris
  29. Visit the Acropolis in Greece Done 18 Dec. 2016
  30. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa Done 19.11.2018
  31. Visit Stonehenge Done 21.12.2019
  32. Throw a dart at a map and travel to where ever it lands
  33. Visit Ausschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp Done 18.07.2019
  34. Write a list of 101 things or people that make me happy and take a picture of them
  35. Digitalize all childhood and family videos
  36. Walk through Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (Walk in the Sky)
  37. Use the zip line between Spain and Portugal
  38. Learn sign language
  39. Get in a taxi and tell the driver to “follow this car”
  40. Star gazing in the Atacama desert and while there visit the very large telescope
  41. Write my last will and testament
  42. Go to a bar and buy a round of drinks for everyone
  43. Help someone else to reach a goal
  44. Visit my old schools again
  45. Do something that absolutely terrifies me
  46. Fire a gun
  47. Gamble in Monaco  Done on 3. June 2016
  48. Throw away one thing every day for at least a year to unclutter my life (postponed because lack of items)
  49. Hitchhike
  50. Do a random act of kindness every day for one year
  51. Send flowers to a random person
  52. Find my life partner
  53. Have dinner with a stranger
  54. Write a letter to a random person
  55. Work as a bar keeper
  56. Attend speed dating
  57. Spend new years day in Dubai Done 31. December 2017
  58. Kiss a stranger
  59. Say yes to something your inner voice is saying no to
  60. Learn to dance tango
  61. Meet Sir Richard Branson
  62. Complete a jigsaw puzzle with my niece
  63. Eat ice cream in the desert
  64. Visit Svalbard seed vault
  65. Be completely free of debt
  66. See Earth from space
  67. Have a vacation with a stranger Done 18 to 23. July 2018 in Istanbul
  68. Land a plane in a flight simulator Done 21.10.2018 at Volandia Museum in Milan, Italy
  69. Play golf
  70. Drive a Ferrari with an awesome person in the passenger seat
  71. Hold a speech in front of more than 100 people on a random, unfamiliar  topic
  72. Volunteer in a charity for one week
  73. Live on week totally offline
  74. Dance in the rain
  75. Go on a ship alone and lose the sight of the shore
  76. Flip a coin for an important decision in live and stick to the result (done a few times, but challenge to do it again and again)
  77. Go to a classical concert Most recent one that qualifies for this list on 18.10.2018 in Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy
  78. Learn to cook
  79. Draw a picture
  80. Write a fiction story
  81. Write a letter to my future self in 10 years
  82. Write a letter to my future self in 25 years
  83. Spend one day holding a sign offering free hugs
  84. Give my cell phone to a stranger and call her later for a date
  85. Sleep outside under the stars
  86. Complete an item of another persons bucket list
  87. Make another person complete one of my items
  88. Spend one day just sitting in a cafe and watch people
  89. Spend one weekend riding on trains to random places
  90. Go to a fortune teller
  91. Play an April’s fools joke to someone
  92. Visit a TED talk
  93. Run for a public office
  94. Save a life
  95. Leave a legacy
  96. Experience one day in my life where I am completely happy
  97. Make a new friend
  98. Meet someone I have not seen for years
  99. Spend a day apologizing to all the people that I did something wrong to
  100. Add one more item to this list

(photo licensed from istockphoto / getty images)