The Plan

I can do it (C) Istockphoto

One day I made a plan.

A plan of which at this moment I could neither grasp the complexity, time involved or money needed.

It was just an idea: Travel to all the countries in the world 

At first I tought it was hard to do, but a short google research showed me, that a lot of people already did it, even at a younger age than me and even without quitting their day jobs or becoming nomadic workers.

So I bought a map to put up in my living room to track my progress, sticking pins to all the places I already visited – which I thought were quite a few. But when I looked at that large map, those few pins still made the map look very empty and I began to grasp the size of this project.

Having in mind that I want to complete my travels before I turn 50 (as travel to more “exotic” countries is definitely easier in younger years), I calculated that I need to travel to at least one country per month to be able to keep that timing.

As I mainly travelled around in Europe until the start of my plan, I will focus to complete this continent (my home continent) first, as short travel times allow a lot of weekend trips to different places and travel to most European countries is visa-free for me.

However if I encounter a good travel deal on my way, I will add that location on my way.

On this interactive map I will share my current travel history with you, tell you some stories about that particular trip and provide some photos (as a proof as well as to give you some impressions of the country).

By the way: Have you ever wondered how many countries there are in the world? Well the answer is not that easy. Check this article for my way to count.

(image licensed from istockphoto / getty images)