10 goals and changes for 2018

Does it need the change of the year to make a change in life?

I don’t think so. But any day is a good day to make a change, so I made this list of 10 goals and changes to make in my life in 2018.

While 10 seems like a big number, the positive thing is, that if I might fail at one or two, not all my success is ruined and I still receive a “pareto” level of success.

Starting on January 4th, the following things have to and will change in my life:

  1. I will say “no” more often. Feel free to be offended, but I cannot focus on goals when saying yes to 100 ideas, requests for favours, projects, etc.
  2. My day starts at 5:00 am UTC  – Every day, wherever I will be. Let’s make most out of the days. Extra time for important things.
  3. No more junk food for me. Especially saying goodbye to these friends.
  4. At least one green meal per day, back to the roots of healthy eating. (No more “fast food vegetarian”)
  5. 30 Minutes of youtube per day is more than enough for me. (Background music not included).
  6. I will complete #48 on the bucket list (Throw away one thing every day to unclutter my life). I will tweet a picture of the item each day under #unclutter2018.
  7. I will reach out to at least one new person every day to find out how we can benefit from each other. Time for power networking.
  8. I will read one book per week.
  9. No cheat days. Why should I cheat myself on my way to my goals?
  10. Daily time for gratitude. I will write down in a personal journal one person or event each day that I am grateful for and why.

You are all very welcome to hold me accountable on these.


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