USA – A trip to Area 51

Me at the Little AleInn Bar in Rachel, Nevada USA

One item on my bucket list was to visit Area 51, Nevada.

Well, with visiting I mean getting legally as close to it as possible, before I would be shot by armed guards.

So on 22. June 2016 I took my rental car from Las Vegas (where I completed my “Gamble in Vegas” goal the day ago) and a GPS and started to drive.

The route leads you through the desert with a breathtaking view of the mountains. You drive more than one hour and the closer you get, the more you understand that they did a great job in hiding this place from the public by putting it as remotely as possible.

The last miles to my destination I travelled on the so called Extraterrestial Highway.

Me in front of the extraterrestial highway sign in Nevada, USa

They obviously have some humor in naming that road after all the UFOs flying around there.

The last miles there was literally no other car on that road, and it gets quite lonely there. Better be prepared to drive with a full tank and lots of water just in case.

Just before driving towards the gate I made a short stop at the Little Ale’Inn, a small bar where some locals or other UFO hunters hang out.

Me at the Little AleInn Bar in Rachel, Nevada USA

Now it was time to hit the dirt road towards what they call the back gate. There are no roadmarks or names, just a dirt road that leads to the middle of nowhere. After a few miles the dirt road suddenly turns into a well paved road and I arrived at the back gate.

Me at the back gate of Area 51, Nevada, USA

When I came that close I noticed one of the cameras turning towards me (probably scanning the license plate) and I felt being watched by a guard through the windows. I went a little bit closer but took the photo from a safe distance.

Obviously, they did not let me in to have a chat with the aliens, but I consider this item of my bucket list done.

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