Monaco – Place of luxury

Monte Carlo Casino (c) Istockphoto

Yet another gambling trip was the first thing I thought when I planned to tick off my bucket list entry “Gambling in Monaco”

So I booked a flight to Nice, France and first thought about booking a helicopter trip to Monaco, but later changed my mind because of the inconvenient schedule and just booked a hotel in Nice and took a taxi.

With over 100 EUR (one way) this was also the highest taxi fee I ever paid, but I guess that is just peanuts for a lot of people visiting Monaco or living there.

So after checking in to the hotel it was time to get dressed up, grab that taxi and get there. I had a great taxi driver (from Italy) who explained me a lot about Monaco while we were driving through the small streets of the city state.

The casino itself is a very impressive building, not just from the outside but also the interior is more than luxury.

As a normal guest you don’t have access to all of the gaming rooms. Some private areas are just for those who bet more chips in a single game than you or me will probably earn in a whole year.

Me in front of Casino de Monaco

As with most of my out of town casino visits, I lost all my gambling budget quite quickly, but this trip was not about the money anyway, but more about the impressive experience to gamble in one of the most well-known casinos in the world.

Let’s mark another bucket list item done.

(Top image of Casino de Monaco licensed from istockphoto/getty images)


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