Gambling in Vegas

Me in front of the "Eiffel" Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

During my trip to the USA in June 2016 I took the chance to strike off my bucket list item “Gamble in Vegas”.

So I made my flight end in Las Vegas (although my final destination was Los Angeles), booked a motel for two nights and was ready to go.

As this was my first trip to Vegas, I tried to get a lot of information before on what to see and how things work. But when I arrived my first impression was, that everything was even  more artificial than I had imagined.

I took an afternoon to walk from one casino to the next one, played some roulette here and there and (obviously) lost some money, since – we all know – the house always wins.

I loved the dry warm climate outside and also the relaxed atmosphere in all the casinos, way different than in the ones that I have visited in european countries so far.

Vegas is a nice place to visit, but I could not imagine to live there permanently as it is just a big, never-ending artificial show in the middle of nowhere and I think I would get bored easily after a while.

Bucket list item: done.

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